The Way to a Spy’s Heart

1854, Europe.
A scarred spy and a headstrong informant on an adventure that could lead to heartache or happily ever after.

Phillip Crestwood, a spy for Her Majesty’s top-secret defense network, has sworn to never trust a woman again. He volunteers for dangerous assignments, hoping to banish the demons from his past. His new mission is simple, bring an informant to France and help end the war. There’s only one problem, the informant is a woman. Soon, her beguiling curves and sweet lips are a temptation he can no longer resist.

Charlotte Bradley had been foolish to take on such a journey, but her sense of duty made her agree to deliver stolen information to the allies.  Now she is traveling halfway across Europe with an arrogant, stubborn spy. It does not help that each time Phillip takes her in his arms she yearns for more.

With time and Russian soldiers against them, they must work together to survive. After one night of passion, can Phillip and Charlotte find the love they swore to forsake, or will past secrets and pride keep them apart?

This is the first in an exciting new series about a group of friends who are spies for England and France. Set during the period of the Crimean War, each man faces perils, both physically and emotionally. Although this is a standalone book, it is best enjoyed in order. Books contain mature material sure to steam up the windows.

For readers 18+

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