The Spy’s Lady

Although she had married another, he still desired her above all others.

Lord Ethan Norris, an agent for England’s top-secret spy agency, had never forgotten the girl who stole his heart. Years of spy games and war had hardened him into a man not to be challenged. Now, the woman he loved was back in his life, a widow with a son, running from a villain hell bent on their destruction.

The last person Lady Katherine Montgomery wanted to seek help from was Ethan. She had broken his heart and married another to hide a tragic secret. With the shadow of death looming and nowhere else to turn, she must put herself and her son in the hands of the dashing lord whose touch she still craved.Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?

After years apart, their passion could not be denied. Would they have a second chance, or would a mysterious blackguard end their love before it could begin?

This is the second book in an exciting new series about a close nit group of spies working for England and France. Set during the Crimean War, each man will face both physical and emotional perils. Although this is a standalone book, it is best enjoyed in order. Books contain mature material.

For readers 18+

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