The Duke’s Embrace

Can a young woman escape the clutches of a mad man bent on revenge?
Can she resist the temptation of the Duke whose kiss stirs her deepest desires?

Tabitha Crestwood ran away two years ago from an arranged marriage to a man she hated.  A man who wanted to stomp on her independence and bring her to heel, but she would have none of it. Fate had brought her an ally, the handsome Lord Claridge to help her. She had escaped marriage, but she couldn’t escape the memory of Lord Claridge’s kiss on her lips.  When Tabitha finally returns, she is blackmailed by the very man she had fled, but the price may be too high.  Tabitha has no one to trust and must rely on her own courage and resources, but at every turn, she finds Lord Claridge, the man who has haunted her dreams. Now he is a duke, with dark secrets surrounding his title.  Can Tabitha trust him again?  His caresses stir desire in Tabitha with only a touch.  With the looming threat to herself, she’s still drawn to the duke and his tortured soul. Who was the man behind the title? 

Andrew Claridge had helped Tabitha in the past. The feel of her in his arms and the whisper of her lips on his hadn’t dampened with the passing of time.  Now, the woman he couldn’t get out of his head was back and more beautiful than ever.   While the chemistry they share is undeniable, below the surface he senses she is hiding something.  Even though Andrew is unsure of Tabitha’s true intentions, he still can’t deny the temptation of her body.

After one night of passion, Tabitha and Andrew are unable to deny their true feelings. Past secrets and present lies collide to tear them apart. With the threat of murder, and intrigue at every turn, can Andrew trust Tabitha with the demons of his past?  Can Tabitha love the one man shrouded in mystery who makes her body burn with passion? Together they must find the answers to Andrew’s troubled past and end the threat to Tabitha’s safety.  Only then can they be free to find the love they seek in each other’s arms.

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