No Other Spy will do

Lady Emily was more than the object of his desire… she was also his greatest weakness.

Lord Hugh Fitzsimmons was a skilled Army captain and spy for the Crown. He lived in the shadows, his life rife with dark secrets. His only light was Emily, the sister of his closest friend. He craved the taste of her lips, the touch of her soft skin… but Hugh refused to draw her into the depths of his dangerous world.

Lady Emily Norris had loved Hugh since before she could remember, but he had scorned her advances and pushed her away. She had left England to forget the roguish captain, but war brought them back together. Soon, their worlds collide and their love for each other threatens to erupt in an all-consuming passion they can no longer deny.

Back in London, a killer is on the loose with a vendetta against Hugh. With each new victim, the murderer gets one step closer to discovering the Lord’s one true weakness… Emily.  Can Hugh keep her safe long enough to admit his love, or will a killer seeking revenge shatter their future forever?

This is the third book in an exciting new series about a group of friends who are spies for England and France. Set during the period of the Crimean War, each man faces perils, both physically and emotionally. Although this is a standalone book, it is best enjoyed in order. Books contain mature material sure to steam up the windows.

For readers 18+.

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