The Secret to a Spy’s Heart

Louis de Coligny will be forced to choose between his desire for vengeance… or a second chance at love.

Colette Dubois came from the streets, learning hard lessons surviving in the seedy underbelly of Paris. She told herself working for the criminal mastermind Le Renard, the Fox, was a necessary evil. But when an important meeting goes awry, Colette is forced to work with Louis, a dashing French agent, to lure the Fox from his den.

Louis de Coligny has relentlessly sought revenge for the murder of his wife. Born to a life of privilege among the Paris elite, Louis uses his status and wealth to spy on those who would do his country harm. Now he must make the ultimate gamble, working with Colette, a known associate of the Fox. She ignites feelings he thought long gone, and in his line of work, emotions could be deadly.

Can Louis and Colette keep up the charade or will their growing attraction to one another triumph? With the stakes high and their hearts on the line, will the spies find love in each other’s arms or will secrets bring their world crashing down?

This is the fourth book in an exciting new series about a group of friends who are spies for England and France. Set during the period of the Crimean War, each man faces perils, both physically and emotionally. Although this is a standalone book, it is best enjoyed read in order. Books contain mature material sure to steam up the windows.

For readers 18+.

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